Our values

We help you take care of your baby

The day a baby is born, parents are reborn a second time. Our goal is to instill this idea into our creations: we are not just making accessories, but also supporting parents and caregivers who will guide the baby through his or her early years.

Babywow is the dream of two parents who know well enough how holding your baby for the first time can be exciting but also terrifying. We are here to tell you that this will be the adventure of your life, and we'll help you live it to the fullest.

When we realize our products, we draw inspiration from all the beauty around us, so that your baby can be surrounded by joy and dreams since the very fist day.

Playing our part

Made in Italy means quality: we only select certified textiles and materials from local producers and we handcraft our products in our lab. It is our way of contributing to the economy of our Country, for which we are willing to play our part.

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